Refund Policy

The customer can exercise the right of withdrawal, without any penalty and without communicating the reason, within 10 days of delivery, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the address Via Fausto coppi 6, SCN, 62010 Appignano (MC) or by e-mail at the address, To be valid, this communication must contain:

  1. name and surname of the customer;
  2. the express will to withdraw from the contract;
  3. the data necessary to identify the order placed, the address to which it was sent and the relative payment;
  4. the indication of the product for which you intend to exercise the right of withdrawal.

The product must be returned to Reverso Moto no later than 30 days from the date of receipt of the same. As soon as the product subject to the right of withdrawal has been received and if this right has been validly exercised, Reverso Moto will promptly send acknowledgment of receipt by e-mail and refund the customer the amount paid at the time of purchase within 30 working days from date on which Reverso Moto became aware of the customer’s exercise of the right of withdrawal. It is specified that:

  1. the only costs payable by the customer who exercises the right of withdrawal are the shipping costs aimed at returning the product;
  2. the actual time for the re-credit varies in relation to the credit/debit card used and therefore no delay can be attributed to Reverso Moto in relation to this re-credit. The aforementioned refund will be made by Reverso Moto to the person who made the payment;
  3. Reverso Moto will not proceed with the refund in the event that the product is altered and/or damaged or is not returned in the original packaging.

It is therefore concern that the customer who exercises the right of withdrawal take care of the product from the moment of receipt until shipment to Reverso Moto. However, if the customer receives a product that is defective or damaged at the origin, it will be the customer’s responsibility to contact Reverso Moto immediately, and no later than 7 days from the date of receipt of the same, in order to be able to proceed, at the customer’s choice, with the repair or replacement of the same, with shipping costs to Reverso Moto to be paid by the customer and costs of second shipping to the customer to be paid by Reverso Moto.