HIGHSIDER 5 3/4 inch LED headlight BATES STYLE TYPE 5


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HIGHSIDER 5 3/4 inch LED headlight BATES STYLE TYPE 5, E-approved

Elegant LED headlight with black or chrome metal housing in BATES STYLE design. The round chrome-plated reflector with black aperture and clear glass has a high beam, low beam and position light function.
In the upper half, the low beam lights up, and when the high beam is on, both halves of the headlight light up.
The tested lighthouse is also robust and easy to install.

Our highlights give your bike an unmistakable style! The unusual design and perfect technology of the HIGHSIDER headlamp series make it a highlight in any case!

– Housing diameter: 155mm
– Headlight Insert Diameter: 145mm
– Depth without glass: 110 mm
Attachment: below

(3-pin plug)
red = low beam (+) white = high beam (+) black = ground (-)
brown = parking light (+) black = ground (-)

Supply: 1 piece


The product is compatible with all the models

Tools required for assembly:

  • 6mm hexagonal key
  • 4mm hexagonal key
  • 10mm wrench
  • 13mm wrench
  • Torx T-30 key
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Plier