Reverso Speciale is our service dedicated to customizing modern motorcycles. We focus exclusively on customizing modern motorcycles and do not do restoration work. Our focus is on creating bespoke and unique motorcycles, working with prestigious brands such as Triumph, BMW, Moto Guzzi, Ducati and others.

Every project we undertake faithfully reflects our style without any compromise. Before a motorcycle can please the customer, it must first of all please us. If a base does not meet our design and quality standards, we cannot proceed with its customization. This rigorous approach allows us to deliver extraordinary results and meet the expectations of our most demanding customers.


If you have a motorcycle to customize or if you would like to buy a new one already customized, if in the right place. Our taste and style are essential for any project.


We will proceed with a cost estimate and a matched render. This last service has a cost, which will then be absorbed, in case of confirmation of the job.


Time. Like all things well done, it takes time. From 4 to 6 months, or more depending on the case.


Fill out the form below, tell us about your idea and attach a photo of your bike.
We will contact you to talk about your project.


The whole process begins with a preliminary drawing, which becomes the core of the Reverso team’s design. This first sketch represents the initial idea and serves as the basis for the subsequent development of the entire motorcycle.

And this is where Francesco Bellesi comes into play.

Francesco Bellesi, known as Kenturos in the field of motorcycle design, collaborates with Reverso to offer customers customized renderings of their motorcycles. Thanks to his international reputation and vast experience in the sector, Bellesi brings his artistic talent to the creation of extraordinary renderings.

With a deep passion for motorcycles and a keen eye for detail, Bellesi works closely with Reverso clients to understand their visions and transform them into realistic and immersive renderings. Each bike is accurately represented, highlighting its unique characteristics and desired aesthetics.

The collaboration between Reverso and Francesco Bellesi, aka Kenturos, guarantees a personalized experience in motorcycle design. Thanks to his vast experience in the sector and his ability to create high-quality renderings, Bellesi brings to life the motorcycles of Reverso customers in a visually satisfying way. The renders are a perfect combination of artistic creativity and technical precision, allowing customers to preview their custom bikes in a realistic and immersive way.

Choosing the rendering services of Kenturos Design through collaboration with Reverso means giving life to your motorcycle visions, obtaining surprising and satisfying results. Bellesi’s passion for motorcycle design translates into extraordinary renderings that highlight the essence and spirit of each motorcycle.


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